Maynooth Newsletter – December 2018

Zero Waste Maynooth and Tidy Towns Maynooth are delighted to announce that their next event on Saturday 8 th December will be run in conjunction with the Nu Wardrobe.
The following article explains the benefits of this organisation.

The Nu Wardrobe- ‘You don’t need 50 dresses. You just need 1 dress and 50 Nu. friends’.

Nu. is a female-led,  online platform to share clothes. Born in Ireland, the start-up has quickly expanded across colleges and communities and is now being enjoyed by like minded people in London, Oxford, Bristol and Cambridge.

With Nu, you can have access to a constantly changing and sustainable wardrobe no matter what your budget. As a community we recirculate clothes, reduce waste and bypass all of the social and environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry.

We are committed to building a strong community through grassroots sustainable fashion events, a network of brand ambassadors and close relationships with local groups, sustainable businesses and third level institutions.

Sharing clothes with your friends, is an excellent habit and one of the best ways to reduce our environmental impact. Every time you share you clothes you offset 25% of the resources used to make a new item. This means we can all make a massive impact with the wardrobes we already have!

By coming to our Swap-Shop you can give a new life to those pieces in perfect condition but sadly are left sitting in your wardrobe. By swapping clothes in your community, you ensure that clothes don’t waste in landfill but instead get to be worn and loved many times over.

The team at The Nu Wardrobe are are committed to:

  1. Recirculating clothes as much as possible, so we can collectively reduce the
    negative impact of the fashion industry.
  2. Raising awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry  
  3. Building a community of changemakers
  4. Helping women to feel confident and represented in the clothes they wear

With the recent 2018 IPCC report , emphasising the 12 short years we have to keep rising temperature below 1.5 degrees celsius, we need to start sharing clothes now more than ever. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter (behind the oil industry). The time to recirculate clothes is now.