About us

The idea for Zero Waste Maynooth came about over a cuppa and a fly
away comment – “Wouldn’t it be lovely to have more zero waste
minded people to have tea with?” That was in 2017. Since then we
have expanded our idea to try to reach out to all of the community in
Maynooth and surrounds – but a cuppa is never far away!

A launch in the Community Library in November 2017 was a great success with Timi Nicholson of Simple No Waste Life

Since then we have regular monthly events in the Community Space
where people can pick up loose dried goods, swap clothes, books and
toys and learn about modern cloth nappies.

We want to help people to reduce their waste and learn how to make
a positive impact on the world in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


Our monthly events in the Community Space give people the opportunity to shop package free, swap clothes, toys and books and learn about cloth nappies. It is also a great opportunity for people to meet others trying to live a lower impact life. Building a sense of community is important for us – we can learn so much from each other and a little word of encouragement can go a long way!

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